Post Boxes

Choose from three quality wooden designs

Oak Post Boxes

Our wooden post boxes are truly unique. With their very own PVC lining they provide a genuine solution to water ingress. The oak provides the aesthtic, the PVC lining provides functionality. These post boxes will fit a broadsheet newspaper with all the Sunday supplements! 

They are completely hand made from solid air-dried English oak with solid high grade stainless steel fittings.

Why not personalise your post box with the name of your property or your surname? Please contact us to see exactly how the engraving will look if you were to order.


Please Note


Lid Opening Drop Box: 39cm x 19cm x 40cm
Lid Opening Letter Box: 39cm x 19cm x 40cm
Oak Letter Box with Stainless Steel Letterplate: 24cm x 19cm x 65cm

Engraved Letters

All lettering is engraved into the oak to varying depths. Not simply lasered onto the surface.

UV Protection Wood Oil

We use OSMO’s UV Protection Wood Oil to finish our post boxes. This oil contains an active ingredient for the preventative protection against algae and fungal decay. As a stand-alone finish it blocks the greying process by UV-Protection factor 12 in comparison to untreated wood.

If you would rather leave the oak untreated, the oak will soon ‘silver-down’ to a beautiful grey tone.  

testemonial Thank you for the Oak letter boxes. The craftsmanship is excellent and the wood is of excellent quality and thickness. It is a very quality product, exactly what I was looking for. testemonial

Jemima Hannon (Richard Hannon Ltd, Herridge Racing Stables)

Drop Box

PVC Lined Drop Box

The Drop Box cannot be locked. Perfect for just taking all post and small parcels.

Letter Box

PVC Lined Letter Box

The Letter Box has a letter opening on the front and can be locked. The Lock is optional. When locked, It can still take A4 sized post.

The Lock

Letter Box Lock

The optional lock is supplied with two unique keys. It is stainless steel.