Beautiful house signs, handcrafted in Devon.

We specialise in distinctive oak house signs and stylish external timber products, hand-made with superior design and quality at heart.

Unique designs for unique customers

Although we have some standard designs, our speciality is bespoke work: we design and make to your unique requirements. You can design and order your wooden sign online today.

Since we began in 2005 our clientele has included country homes, estates, hotels, farms, stables, golf courses, vineyards and more.

Bespoke timber products

Hand engraving Oak house signs is where we started. Nowadays we can offer so much more, such as; hanging house signs, engraved slate house signs, personalised wooden post boxes and more.

Our bespoke wooden house signs and wooden signposts bring enduring elegance to reflect the character of individual homes, hotels, farms and country estates. Want something a little different? Try our new Rusty Metal House Signs.

Our robust oak post boxes use aluminium and stainless steel for strength; and are PVC-lined to guarantee against water ingress. Design your wooden post box online now.

In your grounds, our wooden bollards, bespoke wooden planters and wooden window boxes harmonise to complete the effect.

Browse our product pages to see examples of our work and be inspired!